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WordPress Version 2.5 Update

Well, after waiting a while, the new look WordPress version 2.5 is here.

WordPress version 2.5, is the most radical cosmetic redesign so far, I’ve seen.

It’s an appearance make-over, with a much cleaner look to the admin panels and some nice new features.

I decided to update one of my installations this week, to find out how it performs. Some people have said to wait, but no, I wanted to give 2.5 a try.

Then it struck me – I know people find the WordPress version update process, rather daunting. I’ve been told.

So I decided to record my screenshots of the update proces, to demonstrate how it went for me and what I did at each step.

As projects tend to, it grew a little in scope. It has now become a short report, published today, showing the WordPress update process, as it worked out for me.

It’s a no-charge download at wordpress 2.5 update demonstration

Please let me know if it helps with the update process.

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2 responses to “WordPress Version 2.5 Update”

  1. hi, Kevin, just went through your Blueprint. Well done, it will easy to implement. Too late right now, so my plan is to update my blog in the am.

    I will let you know the link, so you can critique it. I’m just starting to put out some content and tend to be wordy.

    Thanks for the great clear language, pictures, format.


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