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The Chris Rempel Conduit Method (Plus My WordPress Theme)

I don’t really promote other people’s products much.

But I bought Chris Rempel’s recent report, “the Conduit Method”, last week and it’s so good I feel compelled to let you know about it.

It points out a new way of thinking (for me, anyway) about affiliate commission from third-party products.

The report describes a clever way to approach affiliate product promotions. And specifically, how to structure your website to increase the likelihood of agreeable results.

The conduit method report has quite literally, changed my mindset on this stuff. I am applying it now and look forward to reporting good results. You will hear them first, here …

In fact, I was so taken by the system, I have created a WordPress theme specifically to apply it. My theme was initially for my own use and it is a work in progress, but I have today decided to share it.

The theme picks up on the points Chris makes, about how to present these promotions. I expect the “fill in the blanks” outline will speed-up my work hugely, as I create lots of these pages.

Here is what my “Conduit Theme” for WordPress looks like..

Conduit Method WordPress Theme Screenshot

Now I should say at this point, Chris Rempel says in his report that blogs are not as good as basic html websites for this. But I aim to prove him wrong :)

He goes on to say, the reason blogs are not so good is because the layout of most blog themes, is less than ideal.

BUT… I have created a specific, custom theme for his method. So my theme should be better than blog average!

I think, the ease of updating a WordPress blog, plus the seo advantages, will outweigh any other drawbacks.

So you can come with me on this journey…

Just.. Click here to get the Conduit report though my link. Then Contact me with your paypal email and I will let you have the custom WordPress theme.

Here are some details on the Conduit Method report.

Format: Report (pdf) of 13 pages. Plus 2 good demonstration videos. Plus mp3 audio interview. (Plus my custom WordPress theme “Conduit Theme” as a bonus for buyers from here)

Delivery: Digital download

Price: $14.95 (only!)

Recommended. Let’s have some fun together, trying this out!

REMINDER: To get my bonus custom WordPress theme for the Conduit Method, just contact me once you have got your copy, with the Paypal email you used. Once I verify your purchase, I’ll let you have the WordPress theme, so you can get going using the method on your blog..


LATEST:  Chris Rempel has released his Rapid List Profit Formula  If you’re a “Chris fan” like me, you should take a look…

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4 responses to “The Chris Rempel Conduit Method (Plus My WordPress Theme)”

  1. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. admin says:

    I got a question from Douglas this week, about the display of several products in a category list, when using my Conduit Theme on a WordPress blog.

    I shall include it here, as it may help others..

    He said, “When I tried it, there is only 1 item showing in each category, even though I may have 2 or 3 items per category. Is there a way to correct this?”

    This was my reply..

    Hi Douglas,

    What’s happening is you must have the Settings>Reading>”Blog pages
    show at most” set to 1.

    This means only 1 post will appear in the category listing. You have
    a few options, you can use, depending on exactly what you want.

    1. Set it to a larger number and accept that more than one post will
    appear on the front page

    2. Don’t use categories at all. Instead use the Recent Post widget,
    to list out the post links in the sidebar

    3. Build pages (manually) to list out the post links, according to
    whatever structure you want.

    4. Use a custom home page (I did include a Special Page template, in
    the theme). Then you can list many posts on the category pages, but
    only show what you want, on the front page.

    Hope that helps. All the best. Do let me know.


  3. admin says:


    Thank you. I’m very willing to help where I can – just ask.

    And yes, the Collett music is great :)


  4. jasmin e says:

    Website ? I dont have one yet,all this is new to me,can i ride on your coat tails till I learn this stuff. first site I’ve seen where a real person teeaches(shares) his secrets,,,Luv your musid from the Collett album and the vote for President video is c-o-o-l

    Jz in FLA,USA

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