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Testing – Broadcast Your Own Online TV Channel

Been doing some testing today with

This looks to be a very interesting website which allows you to produce ‘tv’ shows and broadcast them over the net.

It also makes it easy to distribute your content ‘live’ to various platforms such as websites, blogs, Facebook, MySpace etc.

And a really cool feature, is it will automatically publish a tweet for you, whenever you produce a new show.

Below is my kyte channel, embedded here in this post.

I have created 3 ‘shows’ today, using 3 different methods:

1. Uploaded some photos from my computer into a slideshow on kyte. Then added a piece of kyte’s commercial music they offer to producers, to make a nice slideshow with quality background music.

2. Uploaded a single photo from my computer and produced a single image ‘show’.

3. Took a photo with my mobile phone and emailed it from the mobile to kyte. This went straight into a new show on the channel – very nice, but I need next time to make sure the subject line of the email is set correctly as it becomes the title of the show.

    I will report further on this…

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