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Simple WordPress Membership Site

This article explains how you can use WordPress as a simple membership site. This is what I use to deliver the online magazine I publish.

There are of course many general advantages from using WordPress to run your website and I won’t discuss them again here.

Instead, I will show you how a specific built-in feature of WordPress can be used to secure the membership area of a website, without needing plugins and without forcing your members to create individual member accounts.

Setting a password for a WordPress post or page

Setting a password for a WordPress post or page

The key feature is that WordPress lets you password-protect pages.

So in the case of our online magazine, we have created a page containing links to the member-only magazine downloads and then set a password for that page.

WordPress only allows one password to be set per page, so of course, that password is shared by all our magazine subscribers (members).

You might be thinking now, “Only one password for ALL the members.. well that’s pretty useless!”

Which brings me to the second part of this approach…

We also use an email list service and all the subscribers join the member list.

Then, the password for the member page is simply changed every so often (once a month in our case, but you could do it more or less frequently) and the new password is sent to current members via the email list.

This works well and is very simple to set up and administer. (And if you have ever tried using one of those fancy membership plugins, not only do they cost money, they are often far from easy to set up.)

Plus, this approach provides another great advantage.. Changing the password every so often, gives you the perfect reason to send a broadcast email to your members to notify them, give them other news and generally, encourage them to revisit to your site.

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