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New Year Blogging Challenge

It’s pretty clear that I have neglected this blog recently.  New posts have been infrequent over the past year or so.

So to encourage me to write some new articles and  make amends for my lack of updates, I have joined Dr Mani’s Blog Challenge for January.

The aim is to write 30 new articles over the month.. that’s One A Day (gulp!).

Anyway, I have started so I need to carry on.

A problem I have with writing, is I tend to think too much and write too little.

I put this down to a desire to produce the best article I can, at that point in time.  I don’t like to just write whatever, in order to reach some desired word count.

I think it’s a GOOD approach..  however, it does slow my creating and indeed, create some inertia.

Anyway, we will see what happens.

There are quite a few other blogs taking part in the Challenge.

And it’s probably not too much of a surprise, that most are using WordPress (like this one of course).

Here are some of the others to visit:

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