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New Fresh Look For Your WordPress Blog, With This Quick Change

Today, I was updating one of my many WordPress blogs, with some new content.

I was not writing new posts… Just editing existing posts to add new images I’d found, plus tidying a few bits to improve readability.

Then it struck me.. the DATE at the top of the posts, still showed the original creation date. For some of my posts, this was more than 12 months ago..

Not very fresh-looking!

On your blog, you may not show the post date at all (like here on

But, IF you recognise this problem, here’s a quick freshen-up fix, which I found today and implemented. It can transform the fresh look of your blog.

Login as the administrator and go into the Theme editor (hold on, I have to say take a backup of your existing theme first, just in case it all goes wrong…)

Select the template, such as “Main Index” (index.php) or “Single Post” (single.php), or both..

Find a line of code containing <?php the_time(

and replace it carefully with something like..

last updated: <?php the_modified_date(

Then, when you save the edited post, instead of the original post date showing, the last edited date will display – making it look so much more fresh and up to date.

Just like the major, online news websites…

This one quick change has certainly improved the look of the blog in question. It now looks current again and emphasises the worthwhile updates I made today.

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