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My First Look At WordPress Version 3.0

After many 2.x versions of excellent WordPress, the new 3.0 version is soon to be fully released.

So I thought I should take a look and install the latest WordPress 3.0 Release Candidate (RC1) as a demo site.

wordpress version 3.0 demo site

To install WordPress, I almost always use the automatic Fantastico service included with my hosting. It makes the process very quick.

But as 3.0 is available only as a Release Candidate at present, I had to do a manual install.. (and it took me a little while to remember what to do!)

My first impressions of 3.0 are very good. I’ve not really got into it yet, but it seems to have some useful customization facilities built-in

And I really like the new default theme (and note that the old default Kubrick-based and Classic themes, are no longer distributed in the package).

The new “Twenty Ten” default theme includes a horizontal page menu, which I always prefer because it helps visitors find your WordPress pages, plus a modern, clean, white appearance (although I see it does have the facility in the admin area, to easily use an alternative background image, if you want).

I think many people will really appreciate the built-in customization facilities, such as easy header and background image customization, that you can do without having to touch any css stylesheet code. This may mean that many people will be happy to stick with the default theme, avoiding the effort of searching for another theme having a more individual appearance.

I look forward to testing WP 3.0 properly and giving it some serious exercise!

UPDATE: Here is the official WordPress video tour of brand new Version 3.0 (released yesterday)

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