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London Workshop, Success! (even though I was scared) Motivation Story

You may know I have just organized and run the London Workshop at the Royal Horseguards hotel. The main speakers were Kevin Riley (from Japan) and Lee McIntyre (from UK).

It was a great day, as evidenced by the written feedback and video testimonials from the people there on the day.

I was really scared beforehand, so I have made this short video to try to explain how I managed this fear…

I hope this story motivates YOU to push far outside your personal comfort zone, like I did with this workshop event.

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17 responses to “London Workshop, Success! (even though I was scared) Motivation Story”

  1. Don Smith says:


    It sounds like you know your stuff. I have a son named Julien Smith that you may have heard of. He (and Cris Brogan) published a book called Trust Agents and it became a NYT best seller. They have just published their second one called Impact Equation. He does the same as you do in North America and other parts of the world.

    GPls send me a answer about publishing a magazine called Employability that I asked about on your other blog. Thanks,

    Don Smith

  2. Lee McIntyre says:

    Hi Kevin

    You’re the man!

    The reason I mentioned your workshop multiple times is because you did a FANTASTIC job and people should know that.

    Not many people could pull off what you did so well done.

    And remember in my presentation when I talked about “leverage points”?

    Well I was giving you a push by leveraging your success for you!!

    It was great to meet you in London and I’m delighted you had fun in Manchester. It was a pleasure to have you attend.


    Lee McIntyre

  3. John Szram says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Great to meet you at Lee’s workshop!

    I was a little apprehensive about attending my first event let alone organizing my own!

    Stepping out of my comfort zone is definitely the way forward!

    See you at the next event!

    John Szram

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Nice to meet you again at Lee’s workshop and once again I left with my head spinning with ideas.

    My first video was made at your workshop, and I did two more for Lee.

    It’s good to get a plug or two from Lee to get your name known.

    Today finally got my own up on my blog.

    See you at the next event!



  5. Norman Smith says:

    Nice to meet you in person at Lee’s workshop.
    Well done with the hamster king at your London workshop he takes some controlling !

  6. Kevin says:

    Thanks so much, to everyone.

    I’ve just got back to Kent tonight from Lee McIntyre’s own first workshop, held in Manchester this past two days. It was a great experience. (thanks Lee)

    He said many times from the stage (and to camera), about speaking at “Kevin Brown’s London Workshop” four weeks ago.

    It was just a bit helpful, when meeting the other people there (some already very successful) :)

    I like to think I provided an early training opportunity, before Lee ran his own workshop :)

    This “pushing out of your comfort zone” REALLY works. So I urge you to try it…

    If you’re on the edge of something, use my contact link and I will do my best to push you through your fear!

    All the best,

  7. David Rogers says:

    It was a great day – even British Rail got me there on time! I have just completed my first ebook, which I intend setting up as an incentive for my newsletter over the next week. This is after several months of procrastination – so the workshop has been very beneficial to me already.
    Thanks again – David

  8. John Watson says:

    Hi Kevin

    As you know I really enjoyed the day and this video with the powerful motivational message.

    One thing you did not prepare for was my falling
    down the stairs at Charing Cross! I shall expect
    first aid men on hand next time!

    I didn’t think you looked nervous at all – just calmly in control. You could possibly have looked more arrogant and bossy like so many presenters!

    Best wishes

    John Watson

  9. Dr Nick Hudd says:

    Well done Kevin. Very interesting, and you have carried out, it seems to me, two considerable services – the workshop itself (the feedback tells the tale), and also the well-constructed encouragement to others to do it whole-heartedly. Have “Been there and done that” personally a few times. Absolutely great!


  10. Rod Smith says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations for the event. I think you underestimate your organisational skills which with the adrenalin from running the workshop ensured success. Are you considering a repeat?


  11. Pam Paradise says:

    Hi Kevin,
    You managed to organise a great workshop, in spite of being nervous. Great hotel,great speakers, great food.For me, part of my learning process is seeing that other people get nervous too, but just get on with it! Thanks again.
    Pam Paradise

  12. Fran Civile says:

    Congratulations Kevin… I can tell you’re sincere
    when describing your feelings before and during
    the London Workshop… I certainly can relate to those kinds of self-doubts… I would be experiencing them too!

    As you said it is good to step out of our comfort
    zone sometimes…

    Fran :)

  13. Kevin says:

    Thanks so much for the positive comments. Much appreciated!

    Kevin said I was “a tad nervous” – masterful English language understatement :)

    And Dave asked what’s next? Well, I’m working on it!


  14. Dave Whittle says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations on doing it and doing it well.

    Both Kevin and Lee gave great reports about the workshop.

    Loved to have been there – bit far for me, however my only question is what is next? :o)


  15. Hi Kevin,
    Congratulation for a successful workshop.
    Unfortunately I could not attend, though I wanted to.
    I have entered my website, which is a bit of an experiment.
    If are interested in networking with me, let me know, thanks.I Live in Chelmsford and commute to London.
    Giovanni Dattoma

  16. You made it easier for yourself by impeccable planning.

    The hotel was a great find, the room was perfect and the food really good.


  17. Kevin Riley says:

    I thought you did a very good job. You did look a tad nervous at the beginning, but all went very smoothly. Good juggling.

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