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Is This A High-Traffic WordPress Blog?

You may already know, I enjoy astronomy as an amateur observer.

So it will come as no surprise, I write an astronomy blog… Using the internet delight WordPress (of course).

I do use basic SEO strategies, but mainly, I just try to produce good content which visitors will enjoy and find useful.

Today, the traffic to the blog (well, one single post in particular) has gone THROUGH THE ROOF. Like nothing I have seen before.

It’s been helped GREATLY by a logo change on the Google homepage today, but you will see from the image below, visitor numbers have been very good all week. So, I must be doing something right?

Niche Blog Traffic Spike

Niche Blog Traffic Spike

Is this a “High Traffic WordPress Blog”? lol

I hesitate to mention the site url, because it doesn’t need the publicity at the moment! But the linked event will be over soon (for another year) so I will.. It’s

Big thanks to Goscomb Hosting, who have worked with me over the past 24 hours to keep the site available for most visitors (it had to be turned-off at one point and comments are still unfortunately disabled).

So what was the single biggest change, that kept the blog going through this traffic onslaught?

It was installation of the magic wp super cache plugin.

This plugin enabled more than 180,000 extra visitors, to view the blog! Thanks Donncha.

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