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How Buying My First iPod Led Me To Create A Product

About a month ago, I got my first ever iPod.

It’s an iPod Touch, so it’s one of the wi-fi internet enabled ones. I do realize I’m somewhat late to the party!

However, what’s more important is it led directly to me creating a product.

The product is a book called “Blogcasting Blueprint” and it’s now selling at a low price as a Launch Offer. It’s about linking a WordPress blog to the iTunes Store and creating podcasts to reach a wider audience.

Here’s the process I followed. Hopefully it will give some insight, into how the iPod purchase led to product creation…

I started to use iTunes (obviously) and was astonished by the loveliness of the whole set-up.

Astrocast IYA podcast channel at the iTunes Store

My Channel at the iTunes Store

But what really caught my eye, were the “privateer” Podcast channels, there in the full iTunes Store.

Small information publishers like me (and probably you, too). I thought, how can I do that? These guys have their publishing in front of goodness knows how many millions of people, who search at the iTunes Store for interesting stuff to enjoy.

Well, being me, I started to investigate and I discovered that I (and you) can get our own channel at the Store, with a bit of organization.

Plus, joy of joy, my WordPress blog already had suitable content (my posts) AND it could handle the technicalities of RSS feeds etc, automatically.

All rather interesting!

So I tried it out.. And it works. I got my own podcast channel at the Store and now, publish my blog content to this much wider audience.

So then, I started thinking… How could I help other blog publishers, do the same thing?

Well, of course, I had to write a report all about it. It shows how to do it step-by-step, short-circuiting all the research I had to do.

As I mentioned, the report at a Launch Offer price is currently available.

So if you’re at all interested, I’ve worked hard to make this report clear and useful, showing how to setup your blog with the wonderful (free) plugin I use. And then podcast, to your own channel at the iTunes Store.

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