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Simple WordPress Membership Site

This article explains how you can use WordPress as a simple membership site. This is what I use to deliver the online magazine I publish. There are of course many general advantages from using WordPress to run your website and I won’t discuss them again here. Instead, I will show you how a specific built-in […]

New Year Blogging Challenge

It’s pretty clear that I have neglected this blog recently.  New posts have been infrequent over the past year or so. So to encourage me to write some new articles and  make amends for my lack of updates, I have joined Dr Mani’s Blog Challenge for January. The aim is to write 30 new articles […]

One Of My WordPress Sites Got Hacked (important lesson)

I got a shocking warning email from Google last Saturday… my site was distributing malicious code or “malware”, so it was now blocked. HOW DID IT HAPPEN? It’s clear I made some mistakes, but what was the CAUSE? The setup on the host server? (it’s not my main host and they have since told me, […]

WordPress Workshop London

If you have read posts here, you will see I know some things about using WordPress. Readers contact me frequently, with questions about their sites and I always try my best to help. A couple of months ago, I heard first from Joy. Not only did she get me to sort-out her WordPress challenges, she […]

My First Look At WordPress Version 3.0

After many 2.x versions of excellent WordPress, the new 3.0 version is soon to be fully released. So I thought I should take a look and install the latest WordPress 3.0 Release Candidate (RC1) as a demo site. To install WordPress, I almost always use the automatic Fantastico service included with my hosting. It makes […]

Is This A High-Traffic WordPress Blog?

You may already know, I enjoy astronomy as an amateur observer. So it will come as no surprise, I write an astronomy blog… Using the internet delight WordPress (of course). I do use basic SEO strategies, but mainly, I just try to produce good content which visitors will enjoy and find useful. Today, the traffic […]

How Buying My First iPod Led Me To Create A Product

About a month ago, I got my first ever iPod. It’s an iPod Touch, so it’s one of the wi-fi internet enabled ones. I do realize I’m somewhat late to the party! However, what’s more important is it led directly to me creating a product. The product is a book called “Blogcasting Blueprint” and it’s […]

Solving The WordPress ‘you need to make this file writable’ Error Message

It depends on your web hosting service, but sometimes when I try to edit the theme on a new WordPress self-hosted blog, I get this error message.. ‘You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes’ Here’s a short video on how to solve this problem, by setting the theme file […]

10 Things You Must Do With Your WordPress Blog

1. Every time you login to your blog, give thanks for the global reach, personal empowerment and sheer publishing power you have been given for free by the creators of this wonderful software. 2. Install the Akismet plugin (developed by the WordPress founders) to control spam comments. It will allow you to focus on creating […]

New Fresh Look For Your WordPress Blog, With This Quick Change

Today, I was updating one of my many WordPress blogs, with some new content. I was not writing new posts… Just editing existing posts to add new images I’d found, plus tidying a few bits to improve readability. Then it struck me.. the DATE at the top of the posts, still showed the original creation […]

The Chris Rempel Conduit Method (Plus My WordPress Theme)

I don’t really promote other people’s products much. But I bought Chris Rempel’s recent report, “the Conduit Method”, last week and it’s so good I feel compelled to let you know about it. It points out a new way of thinking (for me, anyway) about affiliate commission from third-party products. The report describes a clever […]

How To Add A Favicon (Favorite Icon) Image To A WordPress Blog

If you look at your browser address bar as you’re reading this blog, you’ll see my favicon image. It’s the sweet-looking, small speech-bubble image, with the letter “K” inside. [now different] And if you add this blog to your favorites or bookmarks (and I hope you will!), you’ll also see the image appear in your […]

Customizing The PowerBlogger Header Offer Box [Video]

Here’s a short video tutorial on customizing the header area of a blog using PowerBlogger theme. It should also help you customize other WordPress themes to your requirements. The video shows how to insert image links into the offer box in the header area, and make it display correctly. Video tip on showing product offer […]

WordPress Custom Header Image [Video Tip]

Sometimes, you might really like a WordPress theme, but not be satisfied with the header image the developer has chosen. Other times, you might just want to use your own custom header, displaying your blog’s name and characteristic logo etc. This short video demonstrates an easy way to customize a WordPress theme header image. I […]

WordPress Version 2.5 Update

Well, after waiting a while, the new look WordPress version 2.5 is here. WordPress version 2.5, is the most radical cosmetic redesign so far, I’ve seen. It’s an appearance make-over, with a much cleaner look to the admin panels and some nice new features. I decided to update one of my installations this week, to […]

How Many Posts On The Front Page [Video Tip]

Download Here is a short video tip, on changing the number of posts that show on the front page of your WordPress blog.

Creating A MySQL Database Under cPanel Hosting [VIDEO]

Many website scripts (including WordPress) require a MySQL database, before they will work. Creating a database on your webhosting can seem difficult, but it’s really not too scary or technical. Hopefully this short video will show exactly how it’s done, if you are using a cPanel web hosting service. Even if your hosting provider uses […]