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Listing for category: Small Business Consulting

The Fundamental Service A Local Business Wants To Help It Market Online

There are many ways to promote a local small business online (eg. business directories, mapping services, social media such as Twitter and Facebook Pages etc). Some business owners already have experience of a couple of these online methods – others don’t know where to start, or what their business might benefit from. In this “patchwork […]

Finding New Clients For Our Local Small Business Consultancy

This follows on from the first article about our startup small business consultancy. You might want to see that first. To get any startup consultancy going, you need some clients. That’s pretty obvious! ┬áSo we set out to find local small businesses, who wanted help with their online marketing. Now, some of us are naturally […]

Startup Consultancy To Help Small Business Market Online

Over the last couple of years, there has been lots of hype in internet and webmaster circles, about selling services to help local small businesses market themselves online. Many courses have been offered, promising to teach you everything you need to be successful at small business consulting. It’s often suggested that it’s as “easy as […]