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Twitter on IPad (with no app)

Now to find a Twitter app? It looks pretty good in Safari on iPad.. Posted via email from kevinbrown’s posterous You may also like these related articles at this blog (all written by me):The iPad has landed…Exciting Times – Getting Started In The Internet Events BusinessJoin the IM Dream Team Event – Building Business And […]

The iPad has landed…

Arrived today by UPS courier.  Just opened the box (with a nice “out of box experience”), although not much inside the box, apart from IT. Then synched with iTunes (and needed to download the latest 100Mb version). The iPad is shockingly lovely to handle and use, even after all the worldwide hype. This quick picture […]

Exciting Times – Getting Started In The Internet Events Business

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks… When I found out my internet business mentor Kevin Riley is coming to England from Japan in July, on vacation, I had to ask… would he speak at an event and share his business-building experience? When he said Yes, I knew I just had to organize a suitable London […]

Join the IM Dream Team Event – Building Business And Giving To A Good Cause

I have joined the IM Dream Team event, organised by Kevin Riley and Michael Brown. It’s a business building ‘giveaway’ event, with a difference – as well as helping members and contributors, it will also raise money for a very worthy cause in Nepal. Here’s a video made by the organisers to explain the thinking […]

10 Things You Must Do With Your WordPress Blog

1. Every time you login to your blog, give thanks for the global reach, personal empowerment and sheer publishing power you have been given for free by the creators of this wonderful software. 2. Install the Akismet plugin (developed by the WordPress founders) to control spam comments. It will allow you to focus on creating […]

The Chris Rempel Conduit Method (Plus My WordPress Theme)

I don’t really promote other people’s products much. But I bought Chris Rempel’s recent report, “the Conduit Method”, last week and it’s so good I feel compelled to let you know about it. It points out a new way of thinking (for me, anyway) about affiliate commission from third-party products. The report describes a clever […]

Can We Believe Anything On TV Anymore? Truly Astonishing

Can we believe anything on TV (or other media) any more? Should I run for President? (And I am Kevin Brown – perhaps I should make that clear Tempting challenge… To do this for yourself (and have some fun!).. Watch the video and think.. (how?) Wait until the end of the video and click the […]

Testing – Broadcast Your Own Online TV Channel

Been doing some testing today with This looks to be a very interesting website which allows you to produce ‘tv’ shows and broadcast them over the net. It also makes it easy to distribute your content ‘live’ to various platforms such as websites, blogs, Facebook, MySpace etc. And a really cool feature, is it […]

The Bali Internet Marketing Gathering

I’m now back from a great adventure in Asia at the Bali internet get-together, organised by Kevin Riley. I got home a couple of days ago, after a two night stopover in Singapore. (will post some pics later) Got to know some excellent guys doing business on the internet and learned some good stuff. I […]

Thought Provoking First Post (From YouTube)

This is perhaps, an odd first post to my new blog… I have just come across this YouTube video. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] It’s so thought provoking, about the impact of future technology, I think it should be here.I may not present these questions so well, but this is what I think. Hence […]