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10 Things You Must Do With Your WordPress Blog

1. Every time you login to your blog, give thanks for the global reach, personal empowerment and sheer publishing power you have been given for free by the creators of this wonderful software.

2. Install the Akismet plugin (developed by the WordPress founders) to control spam comments. It will allow you to focus on creating good content, not spend time deleting spam.

3. Make a new post regularly, several times a week if possible. Yes it’s hard work for most of us, but it will pay dividends.

4. Publish only good content. Write nothing that makes you uneasy, deep-down. Only post content you would happily show and explain to your mother. :) Respect your visitors.

5. Use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. It will make sure Google is aware of your efforts and contributions to the World. :)

6. Try to monetize your blog. Ethical advertising and promotions are good, providing they pass the test of #4. Earning some money from your blog, will encourage you to stick with the process.

7. Make your permalinks “pretty”. It’s not hard to tell WordPress to use a more descriptive URL link for your posts and pages. You can easily find a tutorial or video, to explain how. Your visitors and the search engines, will appreciate your efforts.

8. Find out how to publish audio and video on your blog (Anarchy media plugin is great). The internet is evolving into a network of many millions of mini tv and radio channels. Be part of the broadcasting revolution – WordPress makes it fairly easy. And your blog visitors will like it.

9. Encourage your visitors to leave a comment or two, on your blog. It makes it better for everyone. And it works with the sprit, of how the internet is evolving.

10. Publish YOUR experiences, hopes, fears, desires and ambitions. Share the good stuff. Write about what’s important to you. Ignore the current “big things”. Follow your personal path. It will make it more interesting to other people and more fulfilling for you.

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4 responses to “10 Things You Must Do With Your WordPress Blog”

  1. admin says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for asking.

    Here’s a screenshot of the permalink structure on this blog.
    Permalink structure for .html post extension

    This is what I’ve put in the admin settings page.

    All the best

  2. Dave says:

    How come this post has a .html extension? I thought that even ‘pretty’ wordpress links were of the variety



    … all the content is really being displayed in the index.php file.

    How have you done this?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Georjina,

    Thank you for the question.

    You don’t need a plugin. Just go to Settings>Permalinks in the admin area.

    Adjust the permalink structure once only and WP will remember it from then on :)


  4. Georjina says:

    Does tip #7 work without redoing the .htacess each time you want to make a post?

    Isn’t there a plugin somewhere for us new folks?:)

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